Hi, I'm Lindsay!
I'm an artist/illustrator and game developer.
Portrait of the artist with fancifully colored hair.
I live in San Diego, CA with my husband and our two dogs. 
I'm a professional design researcher. I create for fun, relaxation, and for the sake of it.
I love bright colors, tea, travel, and visual storytelling.
I care about disability justice, accessibility and the environment.
Why Seacow Soda?
Seacow Soda logo
I have a strong affinity for water creatures, but especially sea cows / manatees / dugongs. 
So many of them have deep scars from boating accidentals and bad experiences, but they still manage to peacefully float along. 
A Seacow-flavored Soda sounds strange, but is also weirdly cute, fun, and definitely fizzy. 
About My Art
I'm most drawn to physical mediums, particularly those that leave their own unique, indelible footprint on your work. 
I cherish the bleed of one watercolor into another, the faded pencil lines that didn't totally erase, and the odd little squiggle when your hand shakes as you draw the pen across a page.
In my professional life as a design researcher, I see how technology is quickly moving to smooth out all our rough edges: bringing our work into a higher fidelity, helping us become more consistent and more uniform. 
My art is created from the viewpoint that part of what makes us human is our charming uniqueness, our mistakes, and our constant progression toward a moving target.
Enjoy and let's keep in touch!
If you like my work, please consider supporting me on Ko-Fi
I'm also always on the lookout for fun and impactful new projects. 
I'm most interested in working with other artists, game developers, and small business owners offering handmade products, especially if you are in San Diego. 
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