Hi, I'm Lindsay! (Also known as Seacow Soda). 
Hi! I'm a multi-faceted visual artist with a UX design background living in San Diego, CA. I'm constantly exploring new mediums, but sit most comfortably in illustration and ceramics. 
I currently work as a creative mentor at Revision Creative Workspace and as a freelance UX researcher and designer focusing on accessibility, tech, and video games. I've worked with companies like Sony, Meta, Google, The Behemoth, and more. 
I enjoy collaborating with other independent makers and artists, and am open to new projects
I'm particularly looking to show my sculptural and fine art work in gallery and event spaces, and host workshops and events around crafting, design, and creativity. 
I am also open for label design for the food and beverage industry, album designs, and flier and promotional design. 
Artist's Statement
I see art as a portal into our inner-dimensional beings, and my work generally layers my loving real world observations, wild imaginings, and musings on other perceptions, genders, and timelines.
My lived experiences as a neurodivergent adult with mental health challenges and caregiver/taker in disabled communities and spaces are key influences in my work. These viewpoints, places, and people are often overlooked or dismissed, but why?
You may see recurring depictions of beautiful oddballs, distorted eyes and hands, magical worlds or creatures, and natural spaces.  I often work with complexity, detail, textures, recurring patterns, and extreme color palettes. 
I hope that my work will wake the senses by celebrating a sense of other-ness or unease, raise questions, and help the observer to ultimately see and sit with as many facets of my subject as possible. 
We all have many worlds within us. I invite you to step through the doorway into a small fragment of them. 
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