Hi, I'm Lindsay (also known as Seacow Soda)!
I'm an artist and illustrator with a vibrant, chromagical, hand drawn style.
I live in San Diego, CA with my husband and our two dogs. 

I love bright colors, tea, travel, and visual storytelling. 
Why Seacow Soda?
I have a strong affinity for water creatures, but I had a special interested in manatees (also known as sea cows or dugongs) from when I was very young. 

I think they are so unusual and beautiful!
Block print stamp of a manatee
I also relate to how many of them have deep scars from boating accidents or other bad experiences, but they manage to keep peacefully floating along.

A Seacow-flavored Soda sounds strange, but it's also weirdly cute, fun, and fizzy (like me). 
About My Art
I'm most drawn to illustration, painting and sketching that retains some of the "handmade" feeling you get from using physical mediums that you haven't mastered quite yet.

My personal experiences as an autistic and ADHD adult are a key theme in my work. I hope that my art can help other neurodivergent adults and kids feel more understood, and less alone. 
Other themes I like to explore are food, nature, animals, magic, and technology. 

I enjoy collaborating with other independent makers and artists, and am open to new projects. I'm particularly looking to work on fun and vibrant stationary products, pattern design, home decor and inspirational prints, food and beverage branding and labels, and comics or kids' lit illustration.
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