Hi, I'm Lindsay! (Also known as Seacow Soda). 
I'm an artist and illustrator with a vibrant, hand drawn style. I live in San Diego, CA with my husband and our two dogs. I love tea, travel, and visual storytelling. 
I currently work as a creative mentor at Revision Studio and as a freelance UX researcher and designer. I've worked with companies like Sony, Meta, Google, The Behemoth, and more. 
I enjoy collaborating with other independent makers and artists, and am open to new projects. I'm particularly looking to work on fun and vibrant stationary products, pattern design, home decor and inspirational prints, food and beverage branding and labels, and comics or kids' lit illustration.
Artist's Statement
I work primarily in illustration and ceramics. 
My personal experiences as a neurodivergent adult and with disability (both personal and in community) are key influences in my work. 
I am particularly drawn to themes of tension: the faces we must show to society versus what we may feel on the inside; detail versus fuzziness; selfishness versus love and caring; intentional naivete or childishness versus mediums requiring practice and technical know-how. 
You may see recurring depictions of eyes, extreme expressions (both flat and affective), hands, suspension, magic, fantastical beings and creatures, inner lives, dreams, and the beauty of the natural world.  I often work with textures, recurring patterns, and bright colors. 
I enjoy working from observation and believe that painting or drawing a subject is an act of love. I hope that my work will wake the senses by creating a sense of other-ness or unease, raise questions, and help the observer to ultimately see and accept as many facets of my subject as possible. 
We all have many worlds within us. 
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